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Services/ Hair Experiences


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Feel how to elevate, nurture and enliven your body. Release the old and invite the new in this synthesizing hair ceremony.

$228 with wash and style 2 hrs
$188 without wash - 1.5 hrs

Rise + Grace 4 hrs session
$ 388


$288 first 2 hours,
$108/hour after

Let us choose together your Sacred Spot either in your own backyard, a beautiful part of the Forest, sunny Beach, or in the shade outdoors, we personalize your very own favorite & sacred place of your choice for this ceremony for your rite of passage.  Your new being will be surprised with the new chapter and what life has in store with this new alignment and clarity for the next steps in your beautiful life. 


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Treat yourself to a relaxing scalp massage with warm Ayurvedic Oils  from India to initiate  your energy flow.

$277 with wash and blow dry
2 hrs- 2.5 hrs session

$208 without wash
1.15 hr massage
plus 1/2 hr consultation and closing.
Rise + Grace 4 hrs session

Ultimate Relaxation is the key to a healthy body and balances the emotions or lack of.  Grace is a ceremony that is intended to allow your body and. mind to let go of stress and concerns.  Balance your energies by lying on a grounding magnetic PEMF mat and an Infra
red Biomat to remove toxins and regenerate on many levels.

No worries
Imagine that.


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A holistic journey for your hair through the herbal  colours of Henna, Indigo, Cassia & Amla.

$168 mud and go
$333 2.5 hrs. session
includes wash and blow dry


$388 first 3 hours
$108/hour after

Looks like a picnic in a secluded beach or under a sacred tree as we apply the earthy Henna herbal muds with intention of what we are praying in and marking your hair with the beauty of natural colours. 

Cleanse and wash, rebirth the new you as you walk out of the ocean.  Your hair has recorded and marked with the henna herbs that will anchor in and remind you of this rite of passage and all that you are bringing into your new chapter in this beautiful sacred and fun ceremony


Ala Carte
All services, if not otherwise specified, are excluding wash*
* Wash is defined as cleansing your hair with natural shampoo and with natural conditioner or masks for
cleansing your hair and energy.


Woman's Cut |  $108
Men's Cut  | $108
Child's cut |  $108
The Split End Session  | $111
 (all above does not include wash and style)
Wash and Blow dry/Style | $77

Grey Blending Woman & Men | $ 138
Base Colour Scalp To Ends | $168
Base Colour Regrowth | $138
Partial Highlights | $168 & up
Full Highlights | $199 & up
Corrective Colour Balancing | $288
Full Henna Application | $168
Full Henna Herbal Experience | $333

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Gloss Treatment |  $88 
Moisturizing Protein Treatment |  $68 
Shirodhara Hot Oil Scalp Massage without wash | $208

Bridal Trial | $158
Wedding Hair Styling | $168
Specialty Styling | $ 98 & up
Wash & Blow dry | $ 68 & up

Private Hair styling Lesson | $111
Private Hair Workshop for Four | $222

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