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MSU Report on the OmniQard®: Improved Homeostasis, Nervous System and Immune System

An independent bioanalytics and quantum medicine agency certified the findings of Scientists in collaboration with the Moscow University for Quantum Physics and Quantum Medicine (MSU).

The research included EEG, EKG, dark-field microscopy, immunology, biophysical measurements, bioresonance / biofeedback and kinesiology and concluded that the OmniQard® has a positive effect on stress events.


The OmniQard® clearly and effectively protects people from negative influences of cell phones, including WiFi.

MSU Report on the OmniQard®: Improved Homeostasis, Nervous System and Immune System

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Improved Immune System

The test results showed that OmniQard® significantly reduces the influence of cell phone radiation on the immunological parameters (BGL - Large granular lymphocytes, T and B lymphocytes, macrophages) of the user and the use of OmniQard® is associated with a favorable sign of stabilization of the immune system. Subjects with OmniQards® had a significant improvement of immunological parameters

Improved Nervous System

It was observed in all subjects that when the body lost the ability to regulate itself, it regained this ability and, in addition, a deep Yin state appeared. This is a state like deep relaxation and indicates a harmonization of the autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic state). In this deep relaxation, each cell is able to absorb nutrients and detoxify the body, as well as restore the acid-base balance

Homeostatic Condition.

With 92% of test persons an effect was shown by the protection of OmniQard® in the direction of improvement of the homeostatic condition. (37 out of 40)

Better Sleep.

Several persons from the control group of the test persons reported that they had noticeably more ability to concentrate, that they slept better and felt less hunger

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Crystallography Review of the OmniQard®: Improved Structure, Energy and EMF Protection

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OmniQARD EMF test.png

Bio Well™️  Measures the OmniQard®: Improved Electromagnetic Field & Chakra Alignment 

The BioWell technology is a revolutionary, non-intrusive way to measure the human energy field using a specialized camera and software system. 

By using the powerful technology of Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV), Bio-Well illustrates the state of a person’s energy field. When a scan is taken, high intensity electrical field stimulates emission of photons and electrons from human skin; powerful imaging technology captures photon emissions given off by each finger. The images are then mapped to different organs and systems of the body, tapping into Chinese energy meridians. The images created using the Bio-Well system are based on the ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The  test person continued with his normal activities, such as walking his dog, washing dishes, while using the OmniQard® in his pocket, and after drinking a glass of structured water. The before and after reading are within a time span of 27 minutes of exposure to the OmniQard®.



The result of the study using the OmniQard® and structured water in four (4) patients was 100% favorable. All the areas measured showed incredible results in a time span of 20 to 30 minutes only. It is imperative to carry the HQR card and  to drink structured water at all times. Mainly before and after each session or treatment of any kind.

OmniQard®  Technical study conducted in Salt Lake City, Utah. September 2020

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Biowell Image 1.png
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Biowell Image 4.png

Biopulsar™️ Diagnostics of the OmniQard®: Improved Physiological Markers by 83% 

Biopulsar Reading.JPG

Biopulsar™️ CE-Certified Medical Diagnostic Device Reading.

This experiment show the before and after a 28 minutes exposure to the OmniQard®. The changes are significant.

Patients improved an average of 83% of 51 measurement points in the body, including brain, organs, intestines, muscles, joints and energy centers.

germination 3.png

In this experiment dishes with seeds were exposed to the radiation of a cordless phone with the frequencies of 1880-1900 Hz over a period of six days.


The results showed that the same seeds, supported by the technology within the OmniQard® germinated at a rate 4.5 times over the seeds that did not experience “the benefit” of the OmniQard®.

It can be concluded that the OmniQard® has a significant impact on cell conditions and growth. In addition the seeds exposed to the OmniQard® appeared to be “greener”, which implied a higher concentration of chlorophyll, the green molecule found in plants that absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis and converts it to energy.

Dishes without the OmniQard in the image on top ->
Dishes with the OmniQard in the image at the bottom ->

Germination Experiment

with the OmniQard®

germination 2.png
Milk Production.jpg

Scientific research on cows in a production facility in the Netherlands has concluded an average 2.4% increase in protein content in the milk of cows exposed to the OmniQard®.


Proteins are the fundamental building blocks of muscles, skin, hair, and cellular components. Proteins are needed to help muscles contract and relax, and help repair damaged tissues. They play a critical role in many body functions as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies. Proteins may also be used as an energy source by the body.

In addition, early studies with horses and chicken show favourable results, especially in areas with wind turbines.

Not just for Humans: OmniQard® Research on Industrial Milk Production

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