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Beauty is more than just a look or a style. It’s an energy that resonates from our inner being.  Life energy is meant to flow within us and around us. Yet often this energy gets stuck in our bodies – physical, emotional, mental and ethereal.

Hair is like a memory drive; it stores our energy. The act of transforming our hair affects not only our external look; it affects our internal mood and vibrational frequency.

Mona offers a variety of intentional hair care services, including color, cuts, comb-outs and intuitive consulting - all with the intention of facilitating transformation, catharsis, and soul growth.



When I grew up and before I went to school my Mom would take me to the salon to get her hair styled once a week. Everytime we walked out of the salon she had a smile on her face and I felt she was a different person.  Her whole being changed. She was light and vibrant

Giving birth to 6 children, this was the only thing that she would do for herself to find balance and deal with the stress of life. It was there and then that I decided that I wanted to be the one that is able to bring joy to my Mother. At the age of 17 I went to hair school. During my professional career I travelled the world,and won many prizes.

Days were long and my career was demanding, 10- 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and owning two salons. As an expecting mother, 5 months pregnant with my first child, I had an epiphany that would change my life. In one moment, I recognized the toxic chemicals, the strain of my work on my body and the superficiality of the industry. It caused illnesses like eczema, asthma, ulcers, allergies, adrenal fatigue and carpel tunnel.


I needed change. I studied Reiki, Yoga, Breath, Aroma Therapy, Shamanism, NLP, Access Consciousness and Sound Therapy. I changed my diet, became vegetarian and started to eat and drink healthy. I looked at ingredient labels and eliminated processed foods.

It did not take long for me to recognize that all of these modalities not only benefit myself, but would also benefit my clients. I started to incorporate everything I learned into my professional work...the Conscious Hairdresser was born.

Not long after, inspired by the transformation of my clients that I witnessed, I recognized the potential for a whole industry to bring more healing, harmony and coherence to individuals, families and communities...I set out on a mission to unite hairdressers around the world and inspire the change that is needed for our health and the health of the environment.



Seeking a deeper connection to her craft, hairstylist Mona Ling Leung embarks on a ten-thousand-mile journey, meeting innovative hairdressers that are revolutionizing the very essence of client care. One by one, they open her eyes to new ways of making hair-cutting not only a healthier experience, but a more holistic and spiritual one. Mona's hair styling evolves into ceremony, purifying and renewing not only a client's appearance, but her whole being. This deeper connection has an unexpected effect, however, and Mona finds herself forced to confront long repressed and unsettling memories before she can truly help others

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