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The Conscious Hairdresser 2022 Update

Welcome friends! It seems like a long time since I sent out a newsletter to you, my FABULOUS clients! Happy New Year of the TIGER! Grrrrr...It's time to rise up, speak our truth and raise the energies into positive and loving vibrations!

I am now going by the names Kayala Lea. This new name resonates with my inner "true self "way more than Mona ever did, so I am now asking my friends and family to call me Kayala! Thank you.

You are invited to contact me at 604 313-4616 and visit my New Studio Salon, on west 45th, close to Oak ridge mall, for a consultation, hair ceremony, color treatment, card reading, or sacred ceremony with Ayuvedic oils!

Beyond Vanity, is a new, full length, documentary film, that I am the executive producer for and we are having a private film screening to celebrate it's completion and getting distribution deals, on March 31st for friends, clients, media, cast and crew! Please email me at to be entered to WIN 2 X Tickets to the Film screening party!

NEW HAIR CARE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE and A Date With Myself Tool Boxes are for sale now at The Conscious Hairdresser's new studio hair salon! ALL NATURAL Hair products and sacred tools for reclaiming your power and abundance!

Thank you for your support and remember I am always here to listen and share guidance whenever you need it!


Kayala Lea

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