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The OmniQard® Restructures the Water Molecules in Your Body.

With the help of the OmniQard® the structure of the water molecules in our body become more coherent, therefore reducing the total energy needed to maintain our bodily functions. It uses proprietary technology to transform potentially harmful EMF radiation (energy) into bioavailable energy for the body.

The innovative and patented OmniQard® has been specially developed to reduce the negative effects, to which we are constantly exposed to, by so-called EMF emitters. It stabilizes the natural water-cluster structure in our body’s fluids. Inter-cellular water is an important buffer to protect body-cells against incoming electromagnetic fields. The OmniQard® strengthens and restores the  body’s inherent ability to reduce the negative effects of  EMF radiation by up to 95%,

The use of the OmniQard® Card may offer a solution for , headache, fatigue, depressive symptoms, restlessness, and other physical complaints caused by EMF exposure. The unique technology of the OmniQard® allows it to impact an  area of approximately ± 10 feet.OmniQard® Benefits


Wellbeing the Size of a Credit Card.

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Scientifically verified effects of the OmniQard®

  • Better Sleep

  • Increased Energy & Mental Clarity

  • Improved Immune System

  • Reduced Pain

Why is structured water so important?

It is the quality and integrity of the water within our bodies that ultimately differentiates the states of physical and mental wellbeing (harmony) and discomfort (disharmony). 

Structured water, inside the cells creates the negative charge that the cells need to function and produce energy. It also aids in information exchange and cellular detoxification..

When this hexagonal structure (honeycomb structure) within water is compromised by influences like EMF radiation (4G, 5G, Bluetooth and WIFI), the body has to free up additional internal energy to maintain its integrity. This additional energy is then no longer available for other bodily functions and can lead to a weakened immune system, sleeping disorders, fatigue or even pain.

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With your purchase you support yourself as well as our movement, free broadcast & partner charities


For 5 years I was on a daily dose of up to 800 mg of Ibuprofen due to back pain. I am happy to say that since I carry the OmniQard with me, I was able to let go of the need for painkillers.

- Kirk, Utah

Much like a crystal that I don't want to let go of, the first time I held an OmniQard I didn't want to let go of it either. I felt a sense of comfort. smoothness, and integration. It was as though my energy was being de-fragmented and restored to harmony. It's a subtle feeling, but I have more energy and an expanded sense of capacity to live in a powerful way. The result? I wear it wherever I go! 

- Hartwell Downey, Intuitive Life Coach

“My mom took a nap in the afternoon about two hours after we received the cards. She kept hers in her pocket while she slept and she was able to recall that she dreamt.  When she was interrupted by a bathroom break, she was able to continue her previous dream! For the past three years I have been asking her what she dreams and she believed she didn't dream. Yesterday was the first time in three years she was able to recall dreaming. I find that may be more than coincidence but I will keep you updated. Thank you for bringing this technology to the world!  I am very appreciative. ”

- Eric - Illinois, Chiropractor and Acupuncturis

The EMF, ELF, and other radiation frequencies in the urban atmosphere interfere greatly with my ability to drop into a deep, restful and integrative sleep cycle. I've been placing the card under my pillow before I fall asleep each night and have experienced a substantial shift in my sleep cycle, including an enormous increase in both vivid and lucid dreams. I wake up each day feeling aligned, refreshed and clear - as if I were waking up in the mountains! 

- Chauntelle Atcheynum  Indigenous Museum Educator 
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