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Keep it Close To You

For optimal benefits and maximum energy delivery, it is recommended to keep the OmniQard® close to you during your day. Whether in the pocket of your jacket, blouse, shirt, pants or in a little pouch hanging around your neck. Remember to keep the OmniQard® within 6ft of you for best results. For maximum energy delivery keep it in the FRONT pockets of your body with the arrow side facing towards you

card in pocket image black and white.png

Make Structured Water

Simply keep the OmniQard® next to a gallon jar of spring water and let it sit overnight. When refilling, always leave a little amount of the structured water remaining in the jar and then top it up. This way you will always have structured water for drinking, sprouting, cooking or for your pets.

glass jar and card black and whiite.png

Even at Night

We recommend placing the OmniQard® next to you on a pillow or bedside table at night. It is recommended to have the “flower side” facing up for a restful night. If you feel you want to experiment with your dream time, try the “arrow” side up. Remember to put a journal next to your bed and always turn your phone on “Airplane Mode”

image card and sleep black and white.png
child with omniqard.png

Children Know

No explanation necessary for children. They are much more connected with energies and frequencies and know what do do with the OmniQard®. Made with 100% non toxic, biodegradable material and extremely robust, the OmniCard supports not just their bodies, but their imaginations. For infants, place the OmniQard® “flower side” up right under the cripp for better sleep

Animals too

animals know about subtle energies and "lean into them naturally". From our experience, dogs as the "guardians of the Earthly realm" tend to favour the side with the calming flower design. Cats on the other hand, as the "guardians of the spiritual" realm like activating energy and therefore prefer the side with the arrow point at them

Cat image.png

Essential Oils

To charge the oils, sit the desired oil directly on the preferred side for 20 - 60+ minutes.  The activating, masculine side works well for very "hot" quality oils, such as Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom, Clove Bud or related fiery blends. The female, calming side works for most other oils.

space coverage 2.png

Workspace Coverage

To armor yourself against the negative effects of the radiation emitted by wireless routers, modems, desktop computers and other electronic devices within your workspace, simply place a OmniQard on your desk.

Full Space Coverage

The OmniQard covers an area with a 10 ft diameter, or a minimum of 5 ft around the card. If you want to protect a space from the negative effects of radiation from unnatural EMF’s, simply create a grid that will allow you to be enjoying the benefit, without having to wear it. This way you will be able to armor any living being, including your pets and plants.

This can be applied to your home, in school or at your office.

space coverage 1.png
Charging the card image.png

Charging the OmniQard®

By holding the OmniQard on the four exposed metal strips, you can increase the intensity of the energy emanating from the card, which is helpful if you or some else is experiencing discomfort or pain and you want to use the device to pinpoint to that specific area

Instructions sides.png

Understanding the Geobiological Properties of the OmniQard®

The patented design of the OmniQard is like an antenna emanating two energy fields simultaneously. It creates a clockwise turning, activating energy field and a counterclockwise turning calming energy field.

Depending on your current physiological and emotional state, point the direction of the OmniQard towards your body accordingly.

  • If you feel you need more energy, have the “arrow” point at you.

  • If you feel you need more grounding, have the “wave point at you.

We recommend having the “wave” point at you as a point of reference. Our experience has shown that our bodies are already “overstimulated” and therefore need more grounding and female, calming energy

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