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What does Qard stand for?

It stands for Quantum Alignment Resonance Device

Can I create “structured” drinking water with the OmniQard®?

The best way to create structured drinking water is by using the OmniQard® as a coaster underneath your glass of water for a minimum of 3 minutes before drinking or fill up a gallon jar and leave it overnight. You can literally taste the difference, which some individuals call ”silky” , “sweeter”, “vibrant” or “smooth”.

What is the OmniQard® made of ? 

The core is made up of a proprietary blend of non-toxic metals, including *bismuth;  and the plastic outer permanent casing - which should NOT be taken apart, is made of NON-GMO corn.

Does the OmniQard® protect me from EMF radiation?

EMF radiation is part of our natural existence. Without it, life on earth would not be possible. Nothing can “protect” you from EMF radiation.  By restructuring the water molecules in the body into a hexagonal shape, the OmniQard® reduces the harmful effects of potentially harmful EMF radiation by up to 95%.

HOW does the OmniQard® work? 

The OmniQard® is a Harmonic Quantum Resonator. It acts like an antenna and converts disharmonic (harmful) EMF radiation (Energy) into bio-available energy by restructuring water molecules into a harmonic, most stable state by utilizing 12 specific frequency potentials.

If someone  has a pacemaker, is it safe to have the OmniQard® nearby? 



Is the OmniQard® safe for skin contact?  

Yes, as it is made of organic biological materials, and we have had no complaints of any contra-indications.

If I am having an adverse detox crisis with the presence of the OmniQard®, what can I do? 

Keep the card greater than 3 meters away, and slowly introduce it by incrementally increasing the time in it's 3 meter-radius field.

I have not been able to sleep properly with the OmniQard® nearby.... is this normal? 

If you face the Yang side (with the triangles) toward you, it is the "activating side".  Please turn the card around to the curvy "calming" side, and that should help get you into a deeper sleep.  If that does not help at all, keep the card closer to the furthest part of your bedroom, with the curvy pattern facing the ceiling.  You may experiment to see what works best for you..

Will the OmniQard ®dissolve with the presence of water or moisture?

No it should not, although we do not recommend having it immersed in water.  However if you want to structure water in a glass to drink, you may set a glass of water (or non-toxic drink) on top of the card, flat on a table with the Yang (female) side up - this will charge and structure water.  In a bath, you may try putting the card with either side facing up/down, at the edge of the bathtub. 

Is the OmniQard® safe for children, animals and plants? 

Yes most definitely, as it supports the structure of the building block of life - mainly the crystalline water structure of the living body.  Including all flora and fauna.

Is there a list of all the proven benefits of the OmniQard®? 

There is no specific list because each person has different experiences with the OmniQard®. While roughly 2% of our customers have not felt any apparent effects on themselves, it doesn’t mean that its not there. The most feedback we receive is related to sleep, increase energy, reduced pain and increased dreaming.

What should I look for in my experience with the OmniQard®? 

Listen to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and give it about 24-48 hours. Feel if chronic pain is decreased, observe the energy that carries you through the day, notice mental changes in terms of clarity and remembrance or your ability to be creative, whether your dreams are intensifying or observe the quality of your sleep and rest. Please note that, most people do NOT necessarily recognize the adverse affects of EMR's and EMF's.  Sensations become noticeable when conditions exacerbated with radiation have expressed in metastasized cysts, cancers, headaches, nausea, vomiting.

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