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Conscious Hairdresser Certification

  • 65pasos
Todos los que completen todos los pasos del programa obtendrán una insignia.


A step-by-step course for hair professionals that are exploring more holistic ways & possibilities for the benefit of themselves and their clients. Stepping out of toxic work environments and leaning into hair, health and wellbeing with a powerful approach. A powerful, self paced seminar packed with life changing information for the benefit of yourself, your clients and the environment. 5 modules a day for 7 days including course materials, videos and quizzes. Become a certified "Conscious Hairdresser". INCLUDES THE "BEYOND VANITY" SELF CARE KIT Course Content: SELF DISCOVERY: - Discover yourself - You are far more - Your body knows - Trust - Safe boundaries - Speaking truth - Learn to say NO SELF CARE: - Water you drink - Food you eat - Air you breathe - Thoughts you carry - Easy physical exercises - Clearing energies THE ENERGY OF HAIR: - Antenna to the world - Hair has memory - Attract what you desire SACRED SPACE: - Toxicity - EMF radiation - Sacred temple - Shielding - Clearing YOUR TOOL BOX - Quantum Touch - NLP - Healing Sounds - Essential Oils - Technology YOUR CLIENTS - How to connect - 6 basic human needs - Build Rapport - How to listen - Establish Communication - Add variety / a personal experience CREATE YOUR HAIR CEREMONY - What is your gift? - Setting Intention - Enhance the experience. - Self Care Kit BUSINESS & MARKETING - The economic model - Easy tools - Marketing - Online Booking - Website - Custom Branded Products EXAM

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