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 The Conscious Hairdresser

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How can my wedding hair experience go deeper? 

On a wedding day, typically the stylist is the first service that the bride receives. With almost three decades of experience Kayala creates a meaningful and grounding experience that will set the tone for the ceremony and your special day.

How do I prepare for my wedding day?

  • Please have your hair washed, either the night before or the morning of the wedding and fully dried before my arrival.

  • Part your hair exactly the way you want it to be styled as discussed in the trial.

  • Wear a zippable or botton-up top, that can be removed without going over your head.

  • If you have bridesmaids, mothers or flowergirls using my services, please share this information with them.

  • For bridal hair, please have your make up session after your hair-style is completed to allow the hair to settle so it can be touched up if needed.

  • You can eat before, during and after your hair session, usually before makeup.

  • To avoid adding extra stress, full payment is preferred prior to the wedding day, so that you don't have to worry about another detail, are able to relax and enjoy your day.

  • Hair colour is recommended to be done 1 week before the wedding, to ensure the colour is fresh and can be corrected if needed.

  • Hair cuts can be done as long as a week to a month in advance.

  • Hair trials are highly recommended to ensure the best possible experience.

  • Have your wedding trial photos ready for review.

  • Please create a no-scent environment for your wedding hair session.

  • If hair spray is needed, please make sure there is a ventilated space.

  • Morning fee (before 9:00 am): $50

  • Fuel Surcharge (more than 25 km Travel) $1.50/km

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Health & Wellbeing:


Why does hair have anything to do with my wellbeing?

Healthy hair is a direct reflection of your physical, emotional and mental state of health. Dry hair, hair loss, dandruff, and scalp challenges are a result of conscious or unconscious habits or thought patterns.

Is Hair alive and does it hold energy?

From my experience hair is very much alive and holds energy, old patterns can get stuck and through a haircut, treatment or cleaning ritual you might feel very much "lighter", even though only a few ounces of hair have been cut.


What technologies are available for me to experience during my visit?

With my services you are invited to have a session on my PEMF Mat (Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy) and the Amethyst Infrared Bio Mat. I enrich my working environment with ozone to ensure the best air quality and serve energized and alkalized drinking water.

What is EMF?

Why does water matter so much?

How do I feel what a "yes" and "no" is in the body?


Media & Movement:

When and where can I watch your broadcast?
You can watch it Live every Wednesday here on the site

What are your topics on your show?
Everything related to hair, beauty, energy and environment

How do become a guest on your show?
Send an email with your bio to

Why did you create this movement?
I am looking for ways to help people empower themselves to stop looking outside themselves for answers & validation. To go Beyond Vanity and recognize the beauty, truth and perfection within each of us.