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That's what my clients say

Kathie Scott

Mona is a transformational hair stylist! She has a gift for creating alchemy for hair to sing it's song of beauty and magic.  Mona creates ceremonial space for hair to come alive!!  I am very grateful for Mona!

Ramayan Ananda

“I felt how much she genuinely cared and had a deep sensitivity and empathetic connection to hair that went beyond the physical, beyond the cut. And it was that connection that allowed me to trust.
I recommend anybody to come, especially if you’re sensitive and have a real connection to your hair and need to be with someone who gets it. This is the place to be.”

Michael Kraus

“"Mona has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Experiencing her powerful art of cutting hair allowed me to recognize that my hair is an antenna to the outside world. i am grateful for her gifts and contribution to myself and the world.”

Dr Katherine Faraci

"She comes to me with real heart"

Rachel Chathembury

"She helped me find my beauty

Deus Forte

"I felt seen, I felt heared, I felt loved"

Kristy Wright

"Leaving me feeling more connected"


"She comes to me with real heart"

Kertus Cramer

"Empower you truly from the heart"

Robyn Ross

"I leave here a whole different person"