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Feeling disempowered and are looking for more meaning and purpose in your life. A step-by-step course learning how to discover deeper levels of yourself and to integrate powerful intensions into your daily hair rituals. Experience how to more intentionally express yourself to the outside world and be recognized by others the way you want to be seen. How do you want to show up to the world? Course Content: SELF DISCOVERY: - Discover yourself - You are far more - Your body knows - Trust - Safe boundaries - Speaking truth - Learn to say NO SELF CARE: - Water you drink - Food you eat - Air you breathe - Thoughts you carry - Easy physical exercises - Clearing energies THE ENERGY OF HAIR: - Antenna to the world - Hair has memory - Attract what you desire SACRED SPACE: - Toxicity - EMF radiation - Sacred temple - Shielding - Clearing YOUR TOOL BOX - Quantum Touch - NLP - Healing Sounds - Essential Oils - Technology YOUR CLIENTS - How to connect - 6 basic human needs - Build Rapport - How to listen - Establish Communication - Add variety / a personal experience CREATE YOUR HAIR CEREMONY - What is your gift? - Setting Intention - Enhance the experience. - Self Care Kit BUSINESS & MARKETING - The economic model - Easy tools - Marketing - Online Booking - Website - Custom Branded Products EXAM

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