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Self-care Kit - The Date With Myself Box

When you open the box, you will see a beautiful mirror inside...

Light the candle and the incence, burn the bundle of sage and drop into a into prayer or intention. The enclosed scroll will  welcome you and guide you into the rituals, intended for massaging, brushing and bathing. 

BOX CONTENT (for all senses - the seen and unseen) 
Mirror designed by Ari Lazer
1 Natural Soy Candle
6 Incense from Nepal

1 Handmade Cedar Bundle
1 Pendulum
50 ml Sea Salt Scrub
100 ml Invigorating Massage Oil 
100 ml Calming Massage Oil

1 Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler
1 Crystal Bracelet 

Quartz Crystals
100 ml all Natural Shampoo

100 ml all Natural Conditioner

Each box is custom engraved by a laser cutter artist. You can customize the name that goes on the front of the box. Please see below for customization.

Date with Myself - Self Care Kit

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